Network of Networks of HIV Positives in Ethiopia NEP+ Executive Director Ato Kassahun Tadesse called Ethiopian People to strengthen their effort against new HIV infection.


The Executive Director said,  in his Ethiopian new year good wish message, It is necessary that all Ethiopian community must coordinate their existing effort against AIDS in protection new HIV infection. However the rate of  HIV related death and new infection is decreasing in last recent years, currently , as mentioned in world AIDS Conference which took place in South Africa Durban in July 2016, because of the world community ignorant new HIV infection is rising in various parts of the world.

Accordingly, The Executive Director noted the Ethiopian community to refresh the sprit in the Ethiopian New Year to prevent new HIV infection.

Avoiding stigma and discrimination HIV positives community is one of the mechanisms to prevent new HIV infection, Ato Kassahun said. The community must accept HIV positives people positively and let them to have a say in all national development activities.


On the other side Ato kassahun also strongly advise the HIV positive community to adhere themselves with HIV treatment. He noted them not stigmatize themselves by their own misconception.