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Mekdim Ethiopia National Association

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association profile

The Genesis of Mekdim:

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association was established in 1996 by a group of three people living with the virus and nine AIDS orphans. The founding of Mekdim was based on the hopes of people unified by common experiences faced when dealing with HIV/AIDS at a time of high stigma, ignorance and discrimination. Initially, the founders met informally in each other’s homes, offices or churches to provide mutual psychological and social support. Cohesion among these individuals was strengthened by the fact that they were either directly infected with HIV or implicitly affected. Mekdim later developed into the first legally registered and is presently one of the major PLWHA associations with total members of over 7,500 in six different areas of the country. 26% of the members are AIDS orphans and the remaining 74% are PLWHA.
Vision: In Ethiopia PLWHA, their families and AIDS orphans are socially accepted as productive segments of the society, and the generations is free from the pandemic.
Mission: Mekdim Ethiopia’s mission is to strive towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the protection of the basic needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and dependants. This is achieved through counseling, care and support, education and advocacy.
Goal: Mekdim’s goal is to improve the psychosocial, socio-economical and health situation of PLWHA and AIDS orphans by ensuring that:
PLWHA and AIDS orphans are involved in productive activities and take part in the HIV/AIDS education, care and support efforts.
The society provides care and love to PLWHA and AIDS orphans:
A healthy and productive society is active in preventing and control of HIV/AIDS.
Broad objectives of the organization:
- To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country.
- To alleviate the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in the country.
- To improve the health status of HIV infected and affected people.

- To increase access to care and support for PLWHA and AIDS orphans.
- To improve the economic situation for PLWHA and AIDS orphans.
- To increase awareness among the community in an effort to prevent HIV/AIDS transmissions.
- To increase community volunteers on home base medical and nursing care and the management of opportunistic infections and HIV related illness.
Operational Areas:

The association operates in six Branches under three regions: Two sites in the Amahara region, Dessie and Bahir Dar and three in the Oromia region, Jimma, Shashemene and Nazareth, one in Addis Ababa city Administration with in ten sub cities, where the head office is also located.

Core Activities:

The organization is engaged in six major programs:
- Counseling - which includes HCT, individual, couple, family and group counseling services.
- Medical care including ARV treatment
- Palliative care
- Socio-economic Support
- Information, Education & Communication (IEC/BCC) Programs
- OVC Support


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